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About Psychological Health and Safety

As per CSA Standard Z1003-13 (Psychological health and safety in the workplace), a psychologically healthy and safe organizational culture is one that promotes worker mental health and wellbeing, while actively working to prevent psychological harm caused by negligent, reckless, or intentional behaviours and actions.

Let’s focus on the key concepts:

  1. If organizational leaders are not able to demonstrate ‘how’ they are promoting worker mental health and wellbeing, you may not have a psychologically healthy and safe culture.

  2. If organizational leaders are not able to demonstrate ‘how’ they are ACTIVELY working to prevent psychological harm, you may not have a psychologically healthy and safe culture.

  3. Most organizations have made some great headway on managing reckless and intentional behaviours leading to harassment and violence in the workplace, which will obviously positively impact mental health, HOWEVER, ignoring or avoiding the difficult or uncomfortable issues that arise can be considered negligent, and is highly attributable to mental health issues at work.

Does any of this make you uncomfortable? If so, you aren’t alone! 😉

With our knowledge and expertise in human behaviour, we understand and have a deep appreciation for the uncertainty, discomfort, and even fear that can arise when even just contemplating taking the leap into mental health issues in the workplace. But that’s why we are here. Because we grasp the complexities, underlying psychological concepts, and personal skills, values, and beliefs that come together to create any organizational culture. And attempting to dig into psychological health and safety without thorough knowledge, experience, or understanding of why humans behave and act the way they do, can get really messy, really quick! 

We know we will find areas within your organizational culture that may be leading to mental health issues for employees, typically due to psychological hazards going unidentified, being deemed insignificant, controlled ineffectively, or simply neglected. And we know we will find them not because you aren’t doing a good job, but because human behaviour is complex – and creating a culture that addresses these complexities isn’t an easy job. 

But the fact that you are considering moving forward to fill any gaps left from unidentified or uncontrolled psychological hazards in your workplace should be enough to tell you that you are on the right path! If you’ve made any mistakes that may have led to mental health issues in your workplace, that’s simply because you are human. Feel no guilt or shame in that! We don’t grow and develop without mistakes. Now is time for growth and development, though… for you, your leadership team, and your entire workforce! Each small step we take together will, in time, lead to a psychologically healthy and safe organizational culture in which you and your teams can thrive! 

Psychological Health and Safety Introductory Training (1.5-hour session)

  • Introduction to psychological health and safety at the workplace, for leadership teams and/or workers. Provides an introduction to the terminology, insight into how psychological health and safety relates to the OHS legislation and related obligations of various work parties, and explains how it is promoted in the workplace, and how it is impeded. Concludes with the underlying concepts of human behaviour that must be considered in creating a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. 

    • *Training can be customized based on client requirements, by request.

  • Cost: $85 / participant

    • ​Note: Minimum of 3 participants required, maximum of 15 participants permitted / session.

Workshop: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (3.5-hour session)

  • Book our half-day workshop when you are ready to dig into understanding the underlying psychological and behavioral concepts in the workplace that are creating mental health issues for your workers. You will leave this session with a deeper comprehension of what is happening within the workplace dynamic to create a space that does not feel psychologically safe for workers, and you will receive the knowledge to empower and develop an effective and sustainable path forward to help improve worker mental health and wellbeing.

  • Cost: $200 / participant

    • ​Note: Minimum of 3 participants required, maximum of 8 participants permitted / session.

Organizational Consulting

  • Offering consultation sessions focus on organizational development, psychological health and safety, and other organizational facets related to human behavior and psychology.

  • Cost: $150 / hour

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