The Who and Why behind Cammac Evolution Inc.

Our People, and Our Purpose


Joan MacMillan founded Cammac Learning Evolution Inc. with the sole purpose of providing development opportunities to people and organizations, that could actually promote positive social change. With the fast pace of modern living, the reliance on technology for communication, and the emphasis placed on productivity, Joan believed more was needed to help the people, behind the processes.

With that thought, she began using her background and experience in psychology, human behavior, and health and safety to develop various development opportunities focusing on behavior, before systems. Having struggled with both personal and organizational developmental issues, particularly throughout the COVID pandemic, Joan decided to further her education in the area. Currently completing her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, with a focus in Leadership, Joan uses her understanding of

'Why people do the things they do'

to develop training, workshops, and additional resources that help clients and participants answer the same question, of themselves, and/or their teams. A deeper understanding of human behavior is necessary to help shine the spotlight on people, and all they have to offer.

Joan is passionate about life-long learning and personal development, and invites you to join her on the developmental journey toward being better today, than we were yesterday!

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